Podcasting, Business Insurance & Accessibility Issues Discussion for Baulkham Hills Business Owners

‘Voice’ is all powerful in enabling relationship and trust building for business owners and in the “new economy” will be all-important in getting new business.

Keynote speaker, Tony Skinner, Director, Podcast My Business explained why during the July Local Area Marketing & Networking Group - Baulkham Hills meeting.

He launched a podcasting business recognising that voice search was becoming the “go to” with people increasingly relying on it via their smartphones and home devices. Google has also recognised this and is prioritising podcasts on the search front page.

“People are more relaxed listing to podcasts. No effort or screen time is required. Your message gets through," he said.

“Fifty-nine per cent of people who listen are in the top two quintiles (highest income earners) because they are time poor. They value podcasts and can spend money.

“Podcasts are also highly reusable and easily converted to blogs, email and letters, Facebook, Instagram, Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify and LinkedIn. With just one piece of content, you get enormous reach.” E: Info@clicksforprofit.com.au

The differences between Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance, often a confusing topic for business owners, was explained via an INSIGHT by Philip Watson, National Manager, Insurance Made Easy (IME).

He said Professional Indemnity covered legal expenses if you were taken to court for a negligent act, error or omission when providing professional advice or a service to your clients that causes them a financial loss.

Public Liability is designed to protect your Business for claims made against it for injury/death or property damage you or your staff may cause to third parties (clients, their employees and the general public).

He illustrated examples of how each could be applied to different style of business. E: pwatson@imeinsurance.com.au

“Accessibility” is Not Just for Government Departments, accordingly to Dianna Verlaan. “If you thought it was, you are wrong! You may be discriminating against large numbers of people without realising it,” she said.

Dianna is an Instructional Designer known as the Training Wizard.

She defined “accessibility” as the degree to which a product, device, service or environment is available to as many people as possible.

“Don’t just think about people in wheelchairs or vision impaired. It could also be helpful for people with a lower level of literacy, colour blindness or epilepsy.”

Dianna provided a series of guidelines and tips on improving accessibility on websites including, colour use, font and font sizes, contrast, using ‘alt text”, copy-writing and captions. E: dianna@trainingwizard.com.au

Group Organiser, Joe Kowalewski Local Area Marketing, detailed results of the member Post- Pandemic meeting format survey, an enhancement program for future meetings and the Group's next Knowledge Program schedule.

He also introduced members to a Business Opportunities Accelerator Program in conjunction with UNSW identifying new business growth opportunities emerging from the pandemic. E: joe@localareamktg.com.au

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