Mental Health and Chronic Pain Management + Starting an E-commerce Business

Learn how to Set up an E-commerce Store and how to "tune in" to your Your Mental Health for Chronic Pain Management during October's Parramatta Local Area Marketing & Networking Group Online meeting.

The business owner support program on Wednesday 21 October are in conjunction with NSW Small Business Month and Mental Health Month. The program is part of the Group's new Business Health Insulation project that aims to help small business owners keep their businesses sustainable, adaptable and ultimately prosperous by being able to transition Covid-19 impacts into the future.

PRESENTATION 1. STARTING AN E-COMMERCE BUSINESS Whether you a bricks and mortar shop wanting to set up an e-commerce site, or an entrepreneur wanting to start your own e-commerce business, this is a must attend session.

Rebecca Dinoia
Rebecca Dinoia
  1. Different types of E-commerce businesses. Where do you fit?

  2. Steps to starting your own e-commerce business.

  3. The different platforms for setting up an e-commerce business.

  4. Current e-commerce trends and what you need to look out for.

SPEAKER: Rebecca Dinoia – Business Advisor – Western Sydney Business Centre & owner Soap de Villa.


PRESENTATION 2. TUNING IN YOUR MENTAL HEALTH FOR CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT The Australian Pain Management Association say that one-in-five Australians live in persistent pain. This worsens under stress caused by business worries, competing demands, even family matters including school holidays, and of course, a pandemic.

Dawn Cady
Dawn Cady

This special presentation is a first-hand account of a 31-year chronic pain and auto-immune disease sufferer’s journey which led her to develop the Neural Alignment Method that saved her life and continues to help people everywhere.

SPEAKER: Dawn Cady. Dawn is a psychotherapist and pain transformation coach.

She specialises in chronic emotional and physical pain. The story is hers. Dawn spent years undiagnosed, lost the use of her legs, was physically injured, addicted to pain killers, emotionally scarred and wanting to commit suicide.

Her experiences, research and will to live pushed her through and on to develop the Neural Alignment Method.® It saved her life and is now helping others to get back to living their lives.


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