Maintaining Motivation, Good Mental Health & Problem Solving for Businesses

Learn about mental health first-aid, personal motivation in difficult times and share a live business 'problem solving' demonstration during October's Penrith's Local Area Marketing & Networking Group Online meeting.

The business owner support talks are in conjunction with NSW Small Business Month and Mental Health Month.

The program will focus on mental health first-aid and personal motivation in difficult times as part of the Group's new Business Health Insulation project. This project aims to help small business owners keep their businesses sustainable, adaptable and ultimately prosperous.

Our Small Business Knowledge Program is included with a 'live' business problem solving segment.

Presentation 1: The Mental Health Continuum – a graphic concept to help you to understand the mental health journey stages from ‘flourishing’ at one end to ‘severely impacting my activities’ at the extreme end.

Tania Gutierrez
Tania Gutierrez

It will give insights to the stages and how to identify and manage them in ourselves and with others – staff, family or friends. Knowing when to seek help and where to get it is an important part of the presentation.

SPEAKER: Tania Gutierrez. She has worked as a Lifeline Telephone Suicide Hotspot Responder, Shift Supervisor and Crisis Supporter Trainer and Assessor.

Her vocation and more than 15 years’ experience dealing with mental health issues, led her to create Mental Health Training Essentials, a business focussed on providing Mental Health First Aid online and in-person workshops for businesses and community groups. E:

Presentation 2: My Daily Frog. In difficult times, it is hard to stay motivated and focussed. All of us have had some form of Covid-19 ‘anguish’ imposed – our routines have changed. Business and family ‘norms’ are strained. How can we stay ‘in tune’ and not worry ourselves to a standstill?

Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor

Meet your Daily Frog! It will help you to decrease distractions, increase motivation and make you more productive. WARNING: This presentation may increase your positivity and good humour!

SPEAKER: Amy Taylor. Amy is a productivity coach, business mentor, and facilitator.

She can solve the Rubik’s Cube in under two minutes, has done a paid gig as a stand-up comedian, loves jigsaw puzzles and, with her train driver husband, Michael is raising four kids to be the best version of themselves. She works with small business owners to design their success and connect with their purpose to increase productivity. E:

SMALL BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE PROGRAM Sustainable & Profitable Business Wild-card keynote – bring a challenge!

John Groarke
John Groarke

You will be the subject of this keynote!

Bring your challenge for John to facilitate the collective wisdom of the group to fix. It could be a ‘business pain’, a problem that you must solve.

It could be a ‘business gain’, an opportunity that you must realise.

Table your challenge in advance to get to the head of the queue and to allow John to prepare his initial response. To submit an issue, email details to:

SPEAKER/FACILITATOR John Groarke - Australia’s “Mentor to Consultants" - Principal of JEGMC (Management Consulting) and mentor with the Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS). E:

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