Glenbrook Business Networking Focuses on Essential Skills Development

A Great Tuesday morning Local Area Marketing & Networking - Glenbrook meeting!

Member presentations featured vocal expression; a new business owner tool showcasing personal capabilities matched to market requirements and a keynote on the importance of validation and its delivery.

Members were also introduced to a Business Opportunities Accelerator Program in conjunction with UNSW.

Six Elements of Vocal Expression was the focus of Multicultural Storyteller Kiran Shah's INSIGHT. She began by guiding members through vocal warm-up exercises involving the face, jaw and lips useful before delivering a speech or talk.

“Pitch changes are used to accentuate, emphasise and communicate more clearly. Our basic pace should be slow enough for the audience to absorb what we are saying and fast enough to keep the audience awake,” she said.

In conversation, voice inflection can be used to gauge what people really think in response to someone said to or asked of them. E:

John Groarke, Principal OF JEGMC management consulting, and mentor with the Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) is also known as Australia’s mentor to consultants. John unveiled a new tool he developed that replaces the traditional CV-resume for business owners.

It encourages you to categories your skills, knowledge, experience and insights plus your interest level in undertaking your capability tasks. This can then be matched against factors including market size, revenue potential and complexity to deliver which in turn calculates (via an algorithm) an attractiveness score.

“What do I do and what might the market need be for it,” he explained. E:

Productivity Coach, Amy Taylor (above right) from Wisteria Enterprises delivered the keynote, The Art of Validation, linking it with the learning from both member INSIGHTS.

She said that through cultural ‘conditioning’ many people were reluctant to acknowledge their achievements. Australia, for example, has a strong ‘tall poppy’ culture with resistance to standing out and individually being acknowledged for achievement.

The culture will change when we embrace celebrating each other. She suggested starting to validate those closest to us, friends, family and clients by acknowledging actions, attributes and or traits that helped create the result; and project into the future what it means.

“Importantly, when we deliver the validation, to demonstrate we care, we need to pause and be silent for a moment to let it sink in. Tone and pausing are essential,” Amy said. E:

Group Organiser, Joe Kowalewski, Local Area Marketing, detailed results of the member Post- Pandemic meeting venue survey, an enhancement program for future meetings and the Group's next Knowledge Program schedule.

He also introduced members to a Business Opportunities Accelerator Program in conjunction with UNSW identifying new business growth opportunities emerging from the pandemic.

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