Norwest networkers 'outstanding' morning

A great morning of networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing at today's Local Area Marketing & Networking - Norwest meeting.

We welcomed new members Greceila Jota, Maria Pearce Liodora, Lalitha Edupally Blue Slate Marketing, Shirley Yaoshi USANA Australia and Rodney Galvin of Hire A Hubby.

Keynote presenter on cybersecurity, iSecurityGuru and author Terence Kam, provided a glimpse into dark world of scammers and cyber criminals with tips on what to look for in your Inbox, how best to protect your business and password protection.

Mehria Joyan-Ansari - Distributor - SendOutCards gave an INSIGHT and group exercise to act on your daily prompts to connect with, celebrate and appreciate people around you with a card containing a message that will stay with them much longer than an email.

Dianna Verlaan, provided an INSIGHT into her journey and motivation for e-learning and using electronic technology to deliver training for "learners" including clients needing to better understand your business.

Local Area Marketing's Joe Kowalewski's Marketing Minutes focussed on the importance of handouts for presenters, economical ways of producing them and the cost of buying printers versus ink.

The next Norwest business networking meeting is Thursday 8 August. Details here.

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