Methamphetamine threat to real estate; putting people at the centre of problem solving & free

If you own a rental property, need to buy or rent rent one, you need to test it for methamphetamine use or risk personal health or liability issues.

IPSM Australia Pty ltd  Director, Brian Crawford

That’s the shock message business owners heard at the Local Area Marketing & Networking – Parramatta event on Wednesday.

Group member Brian Crawford (pictured right) Director, IPSM Australia Pty ltd, said that methamphetamine manufacture or smoking left chemical residuals that embedded themselves on all surfaces and could not be removed by regular cleaning.

The chemicals could adversely affect anyone, particularly children, living in an infected property. Adults ran the additional risk of testing positive for methamphetamine use through passive exposure.

Mr Crawford's' company markets a tamper proof methamphetamine detection device to safeguard properties.

Business owners were also briefed on a joint initiative between Western Sydney University (WSU ) and Practera (software) to provide business owners with a university student team, at no cost, to complete a three-week consulting project.

Practera Program Manager, Shi-Shi Truong, said business could submit a project brief via a template to begin the process.

Projects were at the business owner’s discretion but could include developing a social media strategy, a business growth strategy, competitor analysis or any project where you could benefit from having a 5-6-person university team help you to reach an objective.

Information: Email Watch explainer video

Keynote speaker Mwaniki Wa-Gichia, Director, Latitude 4-40 Consulting Pty Ltd explained the meaning of people centred design and how it is being used by government and business to put people at the heart of understanding problems and their solutions.

Traditionally an organisation takes a problem to an “expert” and is told the solution. “With People Centred Design, you work with the people facing the problem, understand their experiences and work with them to solve the problem,” he said.

This identifies first hand any lack of clarity, stress, irritations, inefficiencies, difficulties, lack of capabilities that the user (client) is having. User research is used in part for an in-depth understanding of problems faced by users of a system, product or service.

The same techniques can be applied to an established business to better meet customer expectations or as part of an entrepreneur’s ground work identifying business opportunities by providing a better people centred service or product.

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