Strong marketing flavour features at Parramatta October business networking

Local Area Marketing & Networking - Parramatta welcomed five new members to its October meeting on Thursday.

The meeting had a strong marketing flavour with segments on colour branding, customer relationship management, email branding and a health segment on improving your sleep.

First INSIGHT speaker, Khadine Aharon - Colour Branding Consultant - Embrace Empowerment, said colour tells an unconscious story.

As an example, she said red was not a good colour for bedrooms as it is shown to raise blood pressure whereas blue is shown to reduce blood pressure.

"In branding, the more you repeat your colours in your marketing or what you wear, the more people associate those colours with your brand," she said.

Red is a preferred brand colour by fast food companies because it stimulates appetite. Similarly, coffee shop interiors tend to be brown because the colour creates a "cosy" environment matching the coffee colour.

Second INSIGHT speaker Libby Salmon - Founder - Bio Circuitry, spoke about Better Quality Sleep - why you need it - and how to get it.

She said modern lifestyles contribute to sleep problems. Major factors impacting our sleep include how fast we fall asleep, the quality of that sleep and the number of hours.

While we sleep we ‘heal’ via a human growth hormone cascade that, if interrupted, affects out capacity to ‘heal’ or cope. “The problem with modern life is that we don’t disconnect from all the stresses we have,” she said.

Libby offered a number of suggestions for better sleep including switching off radiation emitting devices such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi and two hours before going to bed, computers. She also discussed Apps available for Apple and Android devices to help improve sleep.

Keynote speaker Mehria Joyan Ansari - Distributor - SendOutCards, spoke about her background, migrating as a child with her family from war torn Afghanistan.

She said her father's inspirational work, keeping in touch with other families by letter writing and sending occasion cards, showed her that the relationships you have with people have an impact and can determine the quality of your personal, professional, economic and social life.

Her father helped an additional 20 families to escape to Australia, to safety and better lives.

Mehria saw her introduction to SendOutCards as a way of combining her need for family time, personal growth as a female entrepreneur and being able to make a difference in people lives.

She demonstrated how anyone can access the system either on a mobile device or computer. It involved choosing a physical custom card, adding a personal photo and message and clicking 'send' letting the "system" manage printing, enveloping, stamping and mailing your physical card for you. A range of gifts can also be included.

In Marketing Minutes, Local Area Marketing Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Kowalewski, explained why business owners should be using business domain name related addresses and not generic free accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, Live and Yahoo.

He explained that it wasn't necessary to have a website to own a domain name and outlined the process and low cost of establishing domain-based email accounts.

Joe said properly created email signatures with full contact information also played an important part in establishing legitimacy and credibility for a business as well as providing easy contact for clients and access to social media, websites and special offers.

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