Norwest meeting yields a feast of knowledge

Good takeaways continued to be a hallmark of the Norwest Local Area Marketing and Networking group today via members knowledge sharing.

After around-the-table introductions Viola Tam, the Business Mum, presented an INSIGHT, Your Gut, Your Health.

Viola explained the importance of good gut health. foods you should avoid, those that benefit you most and the importance of probiotics.

Tony Skinner, Director, Clicks ForProfit, led an interactive INSIGHT session identifying the three most valuable business tips by developing a word cloud. Attendees were encouraged to summarise in a word the most important thing to business with the prevalent ones becoming the "tips" for further discussion.

Keynote speaker, Philip Watson - National Business Development Manager, Insurance Made Easy (IME), focussed on why using an insurance broker is important, the things to look for in a broker, asking the right questions and getting the expertise and coverage best suited to your business.

Local Area Marketing's Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Kowalewski, discussed what email addresses and signatures say about your business, how free, generic email accounts can harm your business credibility, how to cheaply fix this and the importance of displaying "social proof" on all your business contact points.

The group's next networking event is 8 November 2018. Details and free registration here

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