Westpac warning on bogus SMS claiming "Your account may be suspended"

Westpac is warning customers against SMS messages claiming that their accounts may be suspended and that additional verification is necessary via a supplied link.

Ignore the message and do not click on the link. It is a bogus message.

Warning on SMS scams - Local Area Marketing image

Westpac said it never sends SMS messages to customers asking them to log into their online banking for security or verification purposes.

"We recommend you always sign in using our App or by typing westpac.com.au into your browser," Westpac advised.

"If you think you have received a suspicious message and have entered your sign-in credentials or personal details, please call us immediately on 132 032."

You keep updated on thela test scams targeting Westpac customers by going to www. westpac.com.au/scams

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