Facebook Ads Manager changes simplify campaign creation from mobile devices

Facebook has added a new suite of creative tools to its Ads Manager app that will enable ad campaigns to be created from mobile devices.

The mobile specific tools will make it easier to build Facebook ads on the go, wherever you are and whenever you need them.

Facebook explains

“As more and more business gets done on mobile, business owners and marketers need tools to create and manage ad campaigns on the go. The new creative tools in Ads Manager allow you to create and edit ad images directly from the app, saving time and effort.”

As demonstrated in the GIF, (at right) the new tools include:

  • Text Overlay and Text Policy Checker - The tool enables you to easily add text to your ad, and overlay it across your chosen image. You can select different fonts and adjust the text positioning and opacity. Facebook also added a ‘text policy checker’. This will notify you if the amount of text exceeds Facebook's guidelines.

  • Image Cropper – Pretty self-explanatory - image cropping enables you to crop images to fit in your ads and Page posts. This type of tool is now available on most social platforms, so the functionality will likely be familiar.

  • Templates – Facebook is provided a range of customisable templates simplifying ad creation.

  • Shapes, Stickers and Logos – The shapes, stickers and logos feature enables you to add your brand's logo, stickers and shapes to customise your ad and showcase key information about your business.

  • Colour Filters – These work like Instagram filters so you can highlight elements of your ad.

Facebook hopes the additional convenience will result in social media managers and DIY business owners to create more more ads more easily.

Additional revenue opportunities could also be a benefit.

While it may be easier, quantity does not necessarily mean quality leads will follow.

Advertising still needs to be consistent with business branding, product scheduling, quality imagery and relevant, catchy messaging.

It’s a convenience move that comes at a time when Facebook is being challenged over its data management and security practices and is working to lift its game across a number of key areas.

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