Why branding colour is as important as your business name

Thinking about starting a business or updating your brand image? Colour is an all-important factor because it triggers a chemical reaction in the brain that produces an emotional response.

That response draws on positive or negative memories linked to experiences, people, places, environment and culture; factors programmed into our brains from birth and throughout life.

Brand colours and their meanings

Simplistically, we all have our favorite colours and we react differently to each. Remember the fun you have with room decorating - particularly where others are involved?

Well for your business branding, there are multiple 'others'.

There is also a bucket-load of scientific research identifying how humans react to certain colours, in particular, their emotional response. Some of this is linked to cultural origins.

For example, in many western countries, white is considered to represent purity, while in some Asian countries it's associated with mourning. Perceptions and meanings can also be influenced by age, social class, gender and religion.

Also, don't let your choice of colour be influenced by whim or trendiness. These things change regularly but your brand needs to remain consistent.

Whatever you choose, remember it will define your brand’s value, strengthen and support its positioning. It will enable greater awareness and customer recall, and distinguish your brand from others providing similar goods or services.

Think about Apple's black apple, McDonald's golden (yellow) arches, Cadbury blue, FedEx orange and purple (we're in good company!).

Bottom line - picking the right colour or combination of colours should never be underestimated or left to chance.

The accompanying chart may help you to decide. It's a quick reference to the characteristics of colours along with an example of well-known brands that use them.

Think about the characteristic that will best reflect the objectives and values of your business. Have a look at some of the well known brands that you admire and see how they have handled their colours. Consider how your own reaction to them.

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