WARNING: You may be targeted in new ransomware attack!

More than 23 million messages were sent overnight in a new ransomware attack affecting computers throughout Australia.

You may receive non-descriptive email messages with subject lines such as "please print", "documents" and "scans" – DO NOT open them!

Delete such emails immediately!

What Happens if I Click on the Link?

Clicking on the ZIP attachment will launch a Visual Basic Script file that downloads the Locky and executes the ransomware into your computer.

Locky then begins to encrypt files on your computers, attaching the .lukitus suffix to them.

Your computer will then be locked preventing any kind of access. You will then be instructed to pay a ransom of 0.5 Bitcoin (A$2975) to decrypt the files.

The odds are against you being able to decrypt – even if you pay the ransom.

So, DO NOT open any such attachments. DELETE THEM IMMEDIATELY.

Please pass this information onto your staff or other computer users.

Click here If you need more information about ransomware or want to immunise your computers against threats.

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