Don't be afraid to outsource

Running your own business doesn't mean you have to to be an expert at all things.

It does mean you need to "manage", and to do this effectively, it means managing yourself.

You need to 'work' the business for it to be successful, to interact with customers, suppliers, staff and others involved in providing your goods or services to the marketplace.

You also need downtime for family and friends, timeout for planning and for yourself.

As an owner operator who loves what they do, it can be difficult to take a step back. Knowing your stressors can be key to helping you prioritise what’s important and what to keep on the backburner or outsource to someone else to do.

As a small business owner, you don't have the same resources as a large business or corporation. But you do have ultimate control to make decisions.

So, don’t be afraid to outsource. Opting to outsource some of your workload can reap dividends. Streamline your processes and think about setting up elements of your business on the cloud to allow for easier collaboration and more flexibility for you and your employees.

Opt for cloud accounting services such as Xero, or QuickBooks and you can easily invoice customers and keep track of inventory.

Areas to consider outsourcing include building your business website, designing (and possibly writing) new collateral for your business, printing needs (not everything is or should be electronic).

Setting up your social media and getting some good graphics to assist your posts. Getting involved in local activities that can help promote your business. Having a professional to discuss your business ideas with and who can help you turn them into reality.

The limit of what you outsource is only limited by your budget constraints or your imagination.

Remember, avoiding burnout is particularly important for an SMB owner - there is only one of you!

Local Area marketing can help you with your planning and outsourcing. We have a wide range of cost effective services designed to supplement your skills, freeing you up to do what you do best - run your business.

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