Shameless self-promotion: How to get noticed without compromising who you are #3

In this third article on self-promotion for small business owners, entrepreneurs discuss how their small beginnings blossomed to greater things helped by involvement in awards and networking.

Dannielle Michaels (right) and co-founder Monique Filer

It’s not all about you

Talking yourself up might not come naturally, but there’s power in expanding your focus beyond your own achievements, says for kids co-founder Dannielle Michaels.

Speaking at the SmartWomen conference recently, Michaels said the growth of her $5.7 million baby products business might have started as a two-person operation, but the company quickly gathered other staff who also deserved to be recognised.

“When Monique and I started [the business], it was just the two of us,” she said.

“But as the team grew, well, I think it’s important for the team to be part of your journey and your success.”

This realisation led the team to focus more on putting the company forward for attention, and Michaels says involvement in events like the Smart50 Awards also allow the whole team to be celebrated.

“I think it’s empowering and puts your brand and business out there,” she said.

Just for Pets owner Karen Justice agrees the only way to promote your brand is to start where the opportunities are, whether you’re ready or not.

Also speaking on the SmartWomen panel, Karen reflected that while she was always hesitant to enter awards and prizes, when her company first won awards in a national marketing competition, the boost to the brand was obvious.

“I’m uncomfortable with self-promotion, so I think it’s actually brand awareness,” she said.

“Put yourself out there — you’ve got nothing to lose.”

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