Shameless self-promotion: How to get noticed without compromising who you are #2

Today's self promotion candidates have thrown traditional expectations out of the window in their business sales approach and formalities.

Co-founder and chief executive of real estate startup ActivePipe, Ashley Farrugia, says his

approach to self promotion isn’t traditional.

“I live in jeans and a tee and despite my PR team’s advice; I don’t intend to change that,” he said. He also acknowledges this can be a winner when persuading others to hop on board with your idea.

“My approach to self-promotion is no bullshit. It isn’t about formalities, it’s about a good product, a good team and good transactions.”

Farrugia says knowing himself and the value of his company is all he’s really needed to be able to put himself in front of potential connections, and says the value of having that knowledge is a clear message you can get across to clients.

“Businesses like this, it means they can be confident they are buying a quality product from a reputable company,” he said.

The team at Melbourne cloud training startup A Cloud Guru have a similar perspective.

Co-founder Ryan Kroonenberg says as engineers, the company founders have discovered it’s much easier to show passion for the problem your company solves than to get bogged down in traditional sales pitches.

“I’ve found if I’m proud to stand behind the courses I’ve produced, and am authentic in sharing my excitement (and struggles) with the industry, then it can be less about self-promotion, and more about a community solving problems together,” he explains.

“It’s less about self-promotion, and more about sharing what excites you with the world.”

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