Shameless self-promotion: How to get noticed without compromising who you are #1

Promoting your business is not just about the products or services you offer - it's also about you!

You can't hide behind behind a veil of anonymity in business, particularly in small business.

You are a key point of difference and you possess a uniqueness that no other business can offer - yourself!

Icky? Self conscious? Embarrassed? Forget it! Humans are social beings and respond best to personal interaction - and it's free - so start interacting!

Over the next few days we will be bringing you examples of business men and woman relating their experiences around why they do it and what they have discovered.

So read, be inspired and bite the bullet!

Do you want to win, or not? Knowing who you are is one thing; wanting to be front-and-centre is something else entirely.

For Adore Beauty founder Kate Morris, the journey to selling herself has come down to one question: “Do you want to win, or not?”

Speaking at SmartCompany’s SmartWomen event last week, she reflected on life in an e-commerce sector dominated by men, and how she thinks about standing out in that space.

Once she started framing things in terms of the importance of bringing the fight to the multinational beauty chains that are her competitors, the choice to show herself as the face of the brand was easier to make.

“I’m up against huge corporations that are relatively faceless. I think people like a face — why shouldn’t they know who is behind a business?” she says.

From sitting on advice panels to putting Adore Beauty up for awards, Morris says self-promotion has become about using any tools at her disposal to take on the competition.

“I don’t have their marketing budgets, so we just have to use whatever we have,” she says.

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