Six tips to get your business start-up pitch off the ground

There's nothing more harrowing for many people launching a business than getting the all-important pitch right - and being able to deliver it without stumbling or appearing lacking in confidence.

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But it doesn't have to be a nightmare if you follow a few simple guidelines and remember a couple of key confidence boosters.

Firstly, this is YOUR business. No one knows it better than you. You have started the business journey investing time, effort and money because YOU were convinced it would be successful, fulfil expectations and make money for you.

Secondly, you're the one with the knowledge, motivation and skills to make this happen - so remember this in your pitch. Use it to help boost your confidence and motivation during the pitch.

Write down in three sentences a summary of the reasons for your business - three key points - short but informative. These three points will be the foundation for you to expand on later.

Keep it simple Pitches usually have a fairly restrictive time limit, so work on the basis of developing three versions of your pitch beginning with the basic elevator pitch - usually around 20 seconds (average lift ride time during which you could meet someone for the first time and have to explain what you do.)

Keep your information simple, factual and succinct. Don't get over-complicated or technical. Longer pitches can be developed from this version for future use.

We will cover alternate pitches in more detail in future Local Area marketing posts.

Clearly define the problem you’re solving All good business plans need to be solving a problem that exists somewhere or delivering a service that is new or innovative in some way. Explain why your business is different - your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Avoid cliches Don't stereotype your business - you're NOT like all the rest. You have characteristics that differentiate your business either in product, access, delivery, customer service - there are many differentiators if you think back to why you decided to launch the business.

Nail the ending Endings or closings are more important than the beginning of your pitch. Last impressions remain - even over 20 seconds.

Show some personality The words you use are important, but equally important is the delivery vehicle - you!

Your personality and character are key elements of any pitch - of any length - so don't be afraid to inject yourself into it. Don't be boring. Use your natural characteristics to enhance the pitch. Use the sense of self.


Try your pitch on family and friends

before you taking it out to the wider world. It's only 20 seconds worth, so the more you can practice (and take on board feedback), the better it gets and the more confident you will become.

Local Area Marketing can help you to develop your business pitch. We can also help you to communicate with your target communities through our extensive range of marketing and communications options.

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