'To do' lists to help start or manage a small business

Whether you run a business or are thinking about starting one, having a ‘to do’ list is a must and if you have templates to help you, even better!

The Australian Government's www.business.gov.au is a goldmine of information if you know where to look, so here's a guide with links to help fasttrack your search.

Planning or starting a business?

If you’re new to business, there's a Business Checklist to guide you through the various stages of starting your business. It covers finding advice and support; differentiating between a business and a hobby; finding business training and networking events (Local Area Marketing will launch an Events Diary in July with local networking and business opportunities! Details here soon); help for writing business and marketing plans; finance and accounting; finding the right business structure and being an independent contractor. See it here.

Want to expand your business?

There's a Growing Your business checklist covering such things as analysing your business (We have a business analysis that can assist as well); improving internal processes, workplace growth, and opportunities. Other areas include exporting goods, franchising your business or simply moving to a larger premises. See it here.

Thinking about employing a new team member? Maybe for the first time? If you’re thinking about Employing someone else in your business, the checklist covers use of permanent employees (full or part time); casual employees, trainees or apprentices, contractors, temporary employees via an agency or hire firm. Inclued are applicable laws, wages and entitlements, workers' compensation, record keeping; anti-discrimination laws, tax and super obligations, leave and workplace health and safety obligations. See it here.

Other useful templates include:

Marketing Plan and guide Social Media Plan Emergency Management Plan

Every business needs a plan if they want to succeed. An effective business plan should be tailored to your business’ needs as this helps to define your business direction and create strategies to achieve your goals.

If you want to get the word out about your product or service then you need to have a marketing plan. The marketing plan template will help you identify your customers, competitors and a strategy making your business stand out. Local Area marketing can assist you with this and with your Social Media plan.

Completing an emergency management plan template can help you identify risks to your business, critical areas of your business and how to best protect them.

There's even a Succession Plan template for when you want to retire or want a sea change and be able to have an easy transition exiting your business.

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