Successful mumpreneurs share top tips for launching your own business

Do what you love, be realistic, ask for help and remember to breathe: Successful mumpreneurs share top tips for launching your own business.

Katy Garner and Peace Mitchell are the co-founders of AusMumpreneur. The online community aims to help support mothers run their own businesses.

Katy and Peace run AusMumpreneur, an online community helping mums succeed in their businesses

They say it's important to remember to ask for help and to take downtime often.

As the co-founders of Australia's leading online community for mums in business, Katy Garner and Peace Mitchell know a thing or two about being successful businesswomen.

With seven children between the both of them, the owners of AusMumpreneur know just how busy mum-life can be and the challenges of running a business at the same time.

"We have 7 kids between us. We understand the challenges women face as mothers starting and running businesses and are passionate about ensuring women feel supported to find success," Katy said.

The successful mothers believe in doing what you love, but being realistic about it.

"When you have babies and young children it’s not viable to be working long hours so it’s important to be realistic about how much you can do and be mindful of not taking on too much work," they said.

"Be OK with saying no to some opportunities, ideas or projects."

They suggest adding some extra time to deadlines just in case 'things go pear shaped during the week'.

While starting a business with big ideas and possibilities is a great way to go, you need to constantly re-evaluate and re-assess what's important over time, and eliminate what isn't.

"Writing a list of everything you do and crossing out everything that doesn’t have a good return on investment for your time or money can help you find more free time," Katy and Peace said.

"Think about things you can simplify in your business to create less work but still achieve the result you need."

Perhaps one of the hardest things to do as a business owner, as well as being a mother, is asking for help.

"When you need help, ask for it! No-one expects you to be wonder woman so call on friends, family, fellow business owners and your partner to help you whenever you can," they said.

Asking for help shows character and strength, and can often leave more time to be happy and focus on the good things.

Most importantly, they say said take time for the important things with your family and remember to breathe.

"Your babies are only little for such a short time so don’t lose sight of what matters, spend time with your children when you want to, take breaks whenever you need to.

"The work will always be there when you’re ready to go back. Downtime is important. Don't feel guilty for taking time out and changing your plans when you need to. It's your business and it should work for you.

'It’s essential to look after yourself so that you can be the best you can be for your business and your family."

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