Ransomware - the Threat & How to Stop It

There's lot of talk about ransomware at the moment, but how does it work and do you really need protection?

Well, in brief, it's one of the most malicious forms of cyber-attack you can experience and, yes, you definitely need stronger 'policing' of your computer network than your regular anti-virus protection.

Ransomware infects a computer and restricts users’ access to it until a 'ransom' is paid to unlock it. Ransomware variants have been around for several years but have become more prevalent in the past couple of years.

Often your first awareness will by an on-screen alert stating that your computer or network has been locked or that your files have been encrypted. It will say that unless a ransom is paid, access will not be restored.

The ransom demanded from individuals varies greatly but in Australia appears to be $600–$900 dollars ranging up to thousands of dollars and must be paid in virtual currency, such as Bitcoin. The kicker is that the ransomware may have already begun navigating through your system destroying files as it goes, including back-ups.

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